Our Collection - Morning Goods

Vanilla Danish

Pear Danish

Bosc Pears poached in vanilla and Citrus syrup, sitting on Almond cream and our award winning Viennoiserie dough.

Apricot Danish

Poached apricots with almond cream sitting on our award winning vienoiserie dough, sprinkled with pistachios.

Copenhagen Danish

Minced apricots, delicate almond Frangipane, plump raisins all sandwiched between our delightful croissant dough, glazed with lemon fondant.

Almond Croissant

Croissant dough, filled with frangipane topped with almonds and dusted with icing.

Pain au Chocolate

Croissant dough with 70% dark chocolate.


We make our croissants in the traditional way, folding, or laminating as it’s called in the bakery world, the dough is folded around layers of full fat French butter producing 16 layers. Our bakers cut and then hand roll the raw croissants, giving the little crescent look of the original French ones. They are proved at a constant 26C degrees with 68% humidity for 2 hours to produce the correct texture and taste then baked.

Pain Aux Raisin

Using our croissant mix, vanilla crème patisserie, sprinkled with raisins.