The Artisan Bakery

Multigrain Loaf 600g

The Artisan Bakery

Multigrain Loaf 600g

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This is our flagship brown bread. Like our white sourdough, this loaf is a true sourdough, with the addition of malted flour and our own mix of seven seeds and grains. The dough is mixed using Wessex Mill flour and proved at around 5 degrees for 24 hours. The dough is then ‘knocked back’ by the bakers, shaped and placed in couche (unbleached linen cloth) to prove again for another 8 hours. The bread is then baked in our big stone decked ovens where the loaf will bake and grow developing both taste and the lovely golden brown crust achieved on our breads. Once out of the packaging, you can use the bread straight away, but it will also benefit from a quick 10 minutes in a 180 degree fan oven (210C ordinary oven), which will crisp up the crust and refresh the inside of the loaf. Store covered with a cloth in a bread bin for the best life of your loaf. As the loaf inevitably goes stale, it will still make great toast, or croutons.

Physical Appearance:

Ovoid with slightly pointed ends. One long off centre score running the length. Slightly open structure with a beige colour with a lot of mixed seeds and a brown baked crust.


Fresh baked taste with a strong nutty flavour from the seed mix and a slightly sour note at the end

Food Grade Compostable Cellulose Film 



Allergen Statement:

Manufactured in a factory that handles Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Rye, Oats, Spelt, Soya, Mustard.