To heat or not to heat

Surely a croissant should be eaten fresh out of the oven? Every baker knows – and there’s many more out there, since the sourdough revolution ushered in with the first lockdown – this simple fact. Your wholemeal bloomer will also benefit from a quick blast in the oven, but most of all, your all-butter croissant or your equally yummy plant-based croissant, should get an oven refresh. It will crisp up the outer lamination, whilst steaming the inside, bringing out the texture and flavour of those satisfying layers.

Andy Murray Owner The Artisan Bakery

Andy Murray. Owner of The Artisan Bakery


As I’m sure you know, we at The Artisan Bakery do everything to deliver our products as fresh as we can. Straight from our ovens, packed delicately in recyclable cardboard trays, placed into the vans and delivered to our clients’ cafés, delis, bars, hotels and restaurants across London. Our baked goods are ready for their customers at the start of their day.

COVID-19 changed this routine, with the vast majority of our clients were forced to close their doors as lockdown was introduced last March. With change comes innovation, we’ve been developing a new line of packaging that would allow us to increase the shelf life of our croissants, whilst keeping our longstanding desire to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. You can now receive our baked goods straight to your door in bio-degradable and home-compostable packaging, allowing you to have your morning croissant as if sitting outside your favourite café.

A quick 10 minutes in a 180 degree oven will do the trick, now add your favourite jam, marmalade or in my case, peanut butter.
You can find our responsibly packed products via Amazon Fresh in London, from your Milkman from Milk & More or direct from us from

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