My name is Richard and I work in the bakery.

In the morning we shape the loaves that are baked later on in the day after they have had a chance to prove properly. 

I have always looked after my health and now, having just turned 63 and also recovering from cancer, this is doubly important. Where food is concerned, I have very simple taste and I am predominantly vegetarian. The focus for me is about simplicity and freshness. The work in the bakery is physically demanding and it is important that we take a break to eat to maintain energy.

My lunch normally consists of freshly baked bread with, for example, spiced roasted vegetables, cherry tomatoes and a little goats cheese. 

I am lucky, that working in the bakery, I have access to freshly baked bread all the time. It is something that I will never tire of, particularly walking into the smell of baking bread, it is just the best smell in the world.

Richard Blades
Production Manager
The Artisan Bakery