For an Italian, like myself, bread is an unmissable complement to any meal.

One of the perks of working in a bakery is that you never run out of fresh bread for your lunchtime sandwich.

To celebrate the all-time Italian medal record at the Tokyo Olympics, I will give you my super-easy, super-fast “Tricolore” Sandwich recipe, using one of our delicious individual Ciabatta loaves.

I would normally put a few slices of Mozzarella but to make it vegan friendly, this time, I have opted for Houmous.

Here you go:
Split your ciabatta,
Spread the two halves with Houmous,
Drop on a few Sundried Tomatoes,
Finish with a handful of Wild Rocket and a couple of slices of Roasted Pepper

Your lunch on the go is ready!


Cristiano Sudiro
Operations Manager
The Artisan Bakery