“Barbecue” in an Arab household doesn’t mean we wait for the sun to come out to bring the BBQ out, even more so in a country where we hardly see sun.
As far as I’m concerned, we should be barbecuing 365 days a year! Why do we only love the idea when we get our two weeks of ‘summer’, sometime between June and August? We need to address this. The weather doesn’t have to be great, we have hoodies – and wet weather gear – no excuse!

I’ve been barbecuing for my family for a couple of months already and I love planning new BBQ ideas and recipes. With the restrictions easing and the sun out (for now), what better way to bring together your long lost family and friends, after a year of separation, than to share wonderful food!
Need some ideas? Don’t panic, I’m here with inspiration from the middle east to spice up your life!

As well as the usual sides: chips, onions and corn on the cob, why not add a well known Lebanese salad – Fattoush – to your table? Top it with our sea salt and rosemary Focaccia. First toast it on the grill and then rip it into small pieces and place it on top (recipe here). Obviously you need to save a chunk to dip in a bit of hummus. (Vegetarian and vegan friendly).

Using one of our best sellers, plant based burger bun, make yourself a Middle Eastern spiced burger (recipe here). The spices and flavours from the meat will run through the bun and melt in the mouth. You can also add the Lebanese style flavouring to your favourite veggie burger recipe.
I’ll be back next month with more BBQ ideas!

Maya El Labban
General Manager
The Artisan Bakery